Retaliation still the #1 employment claim in 2016


The EEOC has just updated their table of individual charge filings to reflect 2016 as well.

The overall number of filings has increased by 2.3% to above 90,000 cases, which indicates an increasing trend since 2014. While all of the sub-types of filings have seen increases, retaliation and disability claims increased the most.

The data shows that retaliation is still the most common claim placed by employees, accounting for almost 46% of all claims.

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Discrimination based on race, disability, sex, and age all continue to have significant claim numbers.

With the past 2 recessions (2001 and 2008), we have always witnessed an increasing trend of claims leading up to the recession itself. The post-recession low of 88,778 claims in 2014 has increased by almost 3000 cases per year in 2016.

Hopefully, this is not going to be indicative of an economic downturn.

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