If you’re looking for the expert opinion of a lawyer right now, it might be a good idea to ask a lawyer online. JustAnswer provides access to licensed lawyers via the web, so you can ask your questions right now. The service costs approximately $35.

The lawyer you are connected to will be an expert in the field of employment law of your state. This means that the legal advice you receive will come from a state board certified lawyer, who has experience with employment matters.

What to ask the lawyer?

Before getting on the chat with the lawyer, it’s a good idea to prepare beforehand. Here is a detailed post of things you might need, which is summarized below.

  1. Write down the details of your terminations.
  2. Have a timeline ready regarding the events of your case.
  3. Gather all the relevant documents you have (employment contract, internal employment handbook, relevant memos/emails, etc.)
  4. Think through all of the questions you have, and write them down.

Make sure you ask everything you want to find out the answer to. Sometimes new questions pop into your mind after your chat, when it’s too late to ask them. Gather your thoughts first.

Talk with an employment lawyer for free

There are a few forum-style websites, where you can get in touch with lawyers. While these sites are technically free to use, you will be contacted with offers from lawyers after you sign up with them.

The questions you ask on these sites are not private, so make sure you don’t share any sensitive information. These are forums for the world to see.

These are the sites where you can ask free legal questions:


Lawyers on these sites will tend to reply fairly quickly (for being a free service), within 1-2 days. The answers given will be general, which is is why it’s important to ask very specific questions.

Talk on the phone instead of online?

Many local lawyers in your neighborhood will offer free 1st time consultations. During such a consultation, the lawyer will get a general idea of your case, and decide whether it is worth pursuing. If the lawyer things you may have a case, he/she will offer to represent you.

If you want to go this route and talk to a lawyer on the phone instead of online, do a search for “lawyers near me” in Google. Google will know your location based on your internet IP address and return local law firm search results.

You’ll have to visit their website or call them to see if they offer free consultations.